RockYou Faces Class-Action Suit

RockYouLogo.jpgRockYou was rocked by a proposed class-action lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Northern California as the result of a hacker gaining access to email addresses and passwords that the site stored in plain text, GigaOM reported.

RockYou member Alan Claridge is leading the suit, accusing RockYou of failing to properly secure his data, allowing hacker “igigi” to gain access to it and failing to promptly notify him about it, according to GigaOM.

The hacker succeeded by using a method that has been around for more than one decade—a trivial SQL injection vulnerability—according to TechCrunch.

The hacker published a slice of the information he acquired, which also confirmed that RockYou’s data contains a table that stores user information for partner sites and social networks.