RockYou Adds Cross-Network Targeting to Ad Network

RockYou may be well known for its photo-sharing apps that have become rather popular on social networks like Facebook. But this company, which grew in fame thanks to its use of the widget prior to the days of integrated applications on networks’ platforms, has also been growing its own network approach, specifically in terms of advertising.

Today RockYou is announcing two new options for its ad network, including cross-platform video distribution, application integration and improved targeting of application ads within a given social network.

The cross-platform video distribution option is designed to offer a central launch ground for a single video campaign, which can then be delivered automatically across a number of social media sites like MySpace, Facebook and YouTube. This comes in IAB standard ad units. This centralized approach is something that a number of different services pertaining to social media marketing have employed, and for for all of this distribution metrics are of extreme importance.

Hence the additional option for application integration. RockYou has really made a name for itself as a top application developer across multiple social network platforms, and has typically been one of the first companies to launch an application on a given network. So taking that experience and converting it into brand awareness as an engaging form of advertising is something that RockYou should be interested in. Buddy Media has taken a similar approach to using applications as forms of integrated ads themselves, for the distinct purpose of building brand recognition and gaining some semblance of market research.

In order for central distribution and application integration to be valid solutions for advertisers, however, targeting is a major contributor to any metrics garnered from this method. So it’s not at all surprising that RockYou’s current upgrade focuses on targeted ads along with its cross-platform video distribution. In automating a large portion of the video distribution, targeting the ads across each network involves more attention on RockYou’s part.

What’s notable about RockYou’s latest ad network options is the validation this may bring to the concept of using applications to target ads within a social network platform better than direct ads themselves. This has been a major contributing factor for the growth and success of many integrated ad networks and application developers, most of which offer a variety of roles and services within a single company in order to balance the needs of brands, platforms and end users. What still remains to be seen, however, is how the social networks themselves could build an economy around these actions that are already taking place within their platforms.