RockYou Acquires Pieces of Flair, Speed Racing

RockYou has confirmed that it has acquired two major independent Facebook applications: Pieces of Flair and Speed Racing. With over 475,000 and 200,000 daily active users respectively, RockYou adds the #11 and #27 most active applications on the Facebook Platform to its portfolio. Although no prices were confirmed, we’re hearing the acquisitions were some of the biggest prices paid for applications yet.

With the acquisition, RockYou becomes the largest developer on Facebook by number of installs. However, Slide still outpaces RockYou on daily active users. (RockYou’s Super Wall application is still suffering significant traffic decreases due to the Facebook’s decision to turn off Super Wall notifications late last week.)

Speed Racing, developed by John Hwang’s TripMonger, has long been one of the most popular games on Facebook. Pieces of Flair, developed by Wade and Marci Roberts, is a content forwarding app much like Fun Wall, Super Wall, and Bumper Stickers.

The acquisitions mark further consolidation amongst the largest application developers on Facebook. It’s also a sign of increasing competition between RockYou and social game developers/networks like SGN and Zynga.

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