The Rocky Musical Reviews Are In

RockyMusicalPosterThe cleverest headline following last night’s Broadway musical debut sits atop the review by NBC New York’s Robert Kahn. It reads: “Knockout Second Act Helps ‘Rocky’ Come Back.”

Like many of his colleagues, including Variety’s Marilyn Stasio and the Washington Post’s Peter Marks, Kahn was blown away by the staging of the show’s climax:

The electric final 15 minutes of the new musical based on Sylvester Stallone’s small-town Philly boxer are likely to inspire a heavy outpouring of adjectives: Game-changing. Jaw-dropping. Astounding. All are fair…

For whatever its flaws, Rocky the musical wins with a knockout final scene that is, guaranteed, unlike anything you’ve seen in the theater.

[***MINOR SPOILER below]

Even more so for those lucky enough to have tickets in the first dozen or so rows at the Winter Garden Theatre. For the crowning Apollo Creed boxing match, those patrons are invited onto the stage and allowed to sit in bleachers around an orchestra-pit-anchored boxing ring.

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