Rockstar’s L.A. Noire Channels Its Inner Mad Men

We haven’t been all that big into video games since we left our parents’ basement last year and managed to convince a real life woman to sleep with us. But Rockstar Games’ latest effort L.A. Noire is too big to ignore. The new game, which channels 1940’s Los Angeles, is drawing rave reviews–not just for its game play, but for its acting. And for good reason. Forbes‘ John Gaudiosi reports that Rockstar used Mad Men casting directors Carrie Audino and Laura Schiff to recruit over 400 actors–including Aaron Staton, who plays “Ken Cosgrove” on the show. Mad Men actors Alexa Alemanni, Ned Vaugn, Kate Connor, Randolph Adams, and Kevin Scott Allen also make appearances in the game.

“A lot of the actors we used are TV regulars,” Rob Nelson, L.A. Noire’s art director, told Forbes. “They just see video games as another thread to their career. They can do film, they can do television, they can do theater, and they can now do video games. So from their point of view, I think that’s liberating. It opens up all sorts of new avenues too. And the beauty of the technology we employed with LA Noire is that it’s pure acting.”

For Mad Men fans, L.A. Noire might be the closest you get to your favorite show for awhile. The fifth season isn’t scheduled to make its debut until 2012.