Rockmelt Finally Becomes The Real Facebook Browser

While Facebook may not have an official browser, RockMelt is rapidly becoming what one would imagine a Facebook browser to look like.

While Facebook may not have an official browser, RockMelt is finally becoming what one would imagine a social browser to look like.

Personally I’ve had a bad experience with RockMelt in the past, as I ran into plenty of bugs. However it appears that many of those problems may have been fixed.

The interesting thing about Rockmelt is that it looks like Google Chrome met Facebook — something that is unlikely to ever happen for real.

With the new update, there is practically full integration with Facebook. Additionally, this launch is being branded as an “official partnership” with Facebook.

While Ethan Beard, the Director of Facebook Platform, wasn’t willing to say that the company will get any official “Facebook seal of approval,” he told the New York Times that it’s a “great browsing experience.”

The updated version includes a redesigned chat bar, which minimizes to showing just your friends’ faces. It also includes quick access to Facebook messages, friend requests, and notifications. Best of all, this version of the browser actually downloaded and installed on my computer without a hitch, something that previously appeared impossible.

While I’m not sure that having Facebook integrated into my browsing experiences is a total game changer for me, it definitely makes browsing a more “social” experience.

With notifications popping up periodically and friends faces moving around, a social web browser typically means greater distraction for me which is why I’ll probably never make it my default browser.

But since Facebook is probably being the most addictive site on the web, I’d imagine that plenty of users will find the product to be a compelling one. If you want to check out the experience for yourself, head over the RockMelt website and download it!