Rock us like a hurricane! Brian Williams Redux

Speaking of Brian Williams, we took a little side trip to his blog this afternoon to see how much leg he was showing, and we were rewarded by further proof of his menschliness as he described spending time with Senator Arlen Spector, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and cancer survivor. Williams calls him as having “something of a ‘profile in courage’ status” amongst cancer patients and gives him credit for the work he does even as he has “worked through chemo, laughed off hair loss, dealt with debilitating fatigue.”

Beyond that, though, our curiosity was piqued by the mention of “all the songs in my iPod.” What’s on your iPod, Brian Williams? Is it manly-man music like Aaron Brown likes to rock out to? (i.e. Annie’s Song, Rocky Mountain High, etc.) Are you hep to the cool kids with a ‘podful of Death Cab For Cutie and Interpol? Or perhaps you really do have a fondness for Barry Manilow? Fishbowl would love to know, so if for some reason this post reaches your menschly eyes and oft-extended leg, please drop us a line at and give us a sampling. Right now we’re listening to “Just Like Jesse James” by Cher and if you want we’ll send you the MP3.

The Daily Nightly [Brian Williams]
Just Like Jesse James [Cher]