Rock The Vote’s Cringe-Worthy Video On Health Care (and Sex)

zach-9.jpeg eva-9.jpegRock The Vote’s new video can kill the mood.

In a new video regarding the health care reform bill, the organization encourages people to “hold out for health care” by lying to potential sexual partners and refusing sex until they support the measure.

With stars like Zach Gilford from “Friday Night Lights” and Eva Amurri from “Californication,” Rock the Vote makes its point.

If you don’t want to cringe, don’t read on. In one really awkward moment, a brunette in the video shows the viewer how to lie. “I’m on my period, and I don’t have a vagina,” she says to a guy who clearly wants to sleep with her.

Ugh. It gets worse. Watch the video here. Read Fox News’s story here.