Rock Stars Are Not Welcome In Space

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Or at least at digital marketing and communications agency Big Spaceship, where CEO Michael Lebowitz says “we’ve always guarded against that sort of rock-star culture.”

“They say all the right things in interviews, and then they come in and really make people’s lives miserable…I remember a guy, he really was an incredibly talented designer, one of the best I’ve ever seen, but he was just surly. No matter how good you are, design is always an exercise in balancing what you think is best with someone else’s needs, even arbitrary things. He couldn’t roll with that stuff. He had conviction born of great talent, but he was in the wrong business to have that kind of attitude….I was treating him like a rock star, fundamentally. And I’ve done that a number of times since and each time I realize it and I have to put a stop to it because that won’t play in the kind of environment that I want to create. And so you can’t hire the rock star. It really is damaging.”

Things Lebowitz looks for in a hire besides anti-rock star-itude: creativity (“If you’re not creative, regardless of what your role is, you can’t work here, period. It’s cost of entry”) and the T-shape. “A depth of expertise is essential. But you also need that crossbar of a breadth of knowledge.”