Rock On: NBC and ABC Trash Talk

Banter breaks out among Capitol Hill and White House TV correspondents.

ABC’s Jake Tapper: Dear NBC News executives: please tell @SavannahGuthrie and @ChuckTodd to stop blasting Blind Melon from their booth. thanks, Team ABC.

MSNBC’s Savannah Guthrie: Yes! That’s my jam.

Tapper: I’m just glad @chucktodd put his “Mamma Mia” soundtrack away. As for @savannahguthrie all she plays is (Note: The Mary Tyler Moore theme song).

NBC’S Luke Russert: Blind Melon is way too deep for a Miami kid like @chucktodd to comprehend. Chuck is a big “Rush” fan I believe.

NBC’s Chuck Todd: Please my Canadian rock love begins and ends with Bryan (don’t call me BRIAN) Adams!