Rock Meet Hard Place

Miles O’Brien summed up Tony Snow‘s future as “Rock, meet hard place,” this morning and it appears a fair assessment. Now George Stephanopoulos adds some analysis to the selection:

“For Snow, the biggest adjustment is psychological. He’s been out of the White House on his own for more than 15 years, voicing his own opinions, building his own audience. Now he’ll have to learn to squelch his private views and deliver the party line with conviction. I went through precisely the opposite process when I left the White House to join ABC. Not sure which move is more difficult, but I do know that neither one is easy or automatic.

“The White House will have to make an adjustment too. President Bush said all the right things at today’s announcement, and Tony has the chops of a successful press secretary. But after Snow’s honeymoon, will he really have the promised access? And can he make good on the openness promised today? Only if the whole White House wants him to. He’ll also need some good luck. Good news and rising poll numbers create good press, not the other way around.”

The blog entry, by the way, is called Snow Day. How many snow-related puns will we have to endure while Tony’s the press secretary?