Reporter Dials Wrong Number, Gets Great Wrong-Number Story

DemocratChronicleLogoOn Twitter, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle reporter David Andreatta presents himself as a “writer of wrongs.” Never more so than in the case of his article “Wrong Number: This Joe Isn’t Your Assemblyman.”

This assignment began when, like so many before him, Andreatta accidentally dialed the home number of 73-year-old retiree Joe Bulman‘s rather than, as intended, the mobile number of New York State Assembly Democratic leader Joe Morelle. (The two numbers are just one, imperceptible prefix digit apart.) Recognizing a good, nay perfect local-interest story, the reporter went with it:

Over the years — the Bulmans can’t recall how many because time seems to blend into one never-ending call for “the other Joe” — they have learned to detect Morelle seekers.

The callers are typically all business and speak in a hurried cadence, bordering on exasperation. A journalist on deadline. A grousing constituent. Anyone from Albany.

Have Joe Bulman and his wife ever heard from Morelle? How do the couple feel when these wrong-number calls intermittently cease? The answers to these questions and more can be found in the rest of Andreatta’s ring-a-ding write-up.