Robocop Statue Fundraisers to Detroit’s Mayor: ‘Your Move…’

We’ve only been to Detroit once and while there, nearly a decade ago, we were constantly wondering if we’d get to see Robocop cleaning up the streets. No, that isn’t entirely true, but we’re still very big fans of the Paul Verhoeven classic (we even liked the sequels). So too do the actual residents of the city, purely judging from the reaction Sweet Juniper‘s Robocop Kid costume received this past fall. Unfortunately, despite all those positive feelings, it appeared that the efforts to raise a Robocop statue somewhere in the city had been struck down before they even began by Mayor Dave Bing, who said about the idea on Twitter earlier this week, “There are not any plans to erect a statue to Robocop. Thank you for the suggestion.” But not so fast! After hearing the news that the mayor wasn’t into it, Reuters reports that a group of artists have banded together, saying they plan to raise $50,000 to help build the monument to the all cop, half robot, half man. The group has launched as well as a Kickstarter page, raising close to $5,000 in just over a day. What’s more, they’ve even found a location for where they’d like the statute to be placed. Turning around quickly with the news of the fundraising, the mayor’s office has now said “that the mayor would consider using public land for a donated RoboCop statue.” So fingers crossed, as there’s a chance Murphy might still be immortalized after all.

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