ROBLOX Launches Game Creation Platform on Android

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User-created content platform ROBLOX has announced the launch of is ROBLOX Mobile app for Android. ROBLOX allows users to create games in multiple genres, including support for multiplayer features, gameplay physics, social features, hosting, moderation and more, which are handled via ROBLOX’s cloud-based service.. ROBLOX on Android will allow users to play these created games, and play with others across Mac, PC or other mobile devices.

ROBLOX Mobile gives users access to thousands of games created by the platform’s community of designers. These games range from role-playing and adventure games to shooters. Gamers can play with their friends, even if they’re playing on a different platform.

The app features Android-exclusive virtual items for purchase, the ability to customize your character’s appearance, the ability to purchase ROBUX (the platform’s virtual currency) and more.

“We’re excited to bring the expansive world of ROBLOX to Android users around the world,” said David Baszucki, CEO of ROBLOX. “Unleashing our platform on one of the largest and most diverse mobile markets in existence is another step in the evolution of our platform to bring innovative digital experiences to new users, while opening up a vast library of gaming and development options to a previously untapped audience.”

ROBLOX isn’t just about playing games, as designers can also earn money from their creations. Via the company’s Developer Exchange Program, or DevEx, developers generate income by turning generated virtual currency into cash. The more players a game gathers, the more money up for grabs.

Back in May 2014, the DevEx program reached a new milestone, as a monthly payout of $10,000 was given to the creators of Sword Fight Tournament. To date, more than $315,000 in payouts have been given to developers.

ROBLOX Mobile is now available to download for free on Android.

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