YouTube Restores Gender-Reversed ‘Blurred Lines’ Critique

Black Nerd Comedy‘s Andre Meadows has the scoop via What’s Trending on some interesting YouTube flip flopping.

As was widely reported Tuesday, the Google video hub briefly removed “Defined Lines,” a cheeky reverse-gender take-down of Robin Thicke‘s “Blurred Lines” uploaded over the weekend by a group of law students at New Zealand’s University of Auckland. There’s no outright nudity, but fyi the lyrics are definitely NSFW.

Enough YouTube users flagged the offering as “inappropriate content,” leading to the video’s removal. But a larger number of unhappy site users quickly led to a reversal and at press time, the video is nearing a million views. “Defined Lines” is a very well done counter to the questionable subtext of Thicke’s smash hit, starting with the opening lyric – “Every bigot, shut up.”