Roberta Smith Figures Out How to Save LA’s MOCA


Being as it’s likely the only museum of its size teetering at the very brink at the moment, the Museum of Contemporary Art out in Los Angeles has captured a lot of people’s attentions. Sure, Eli Broad has stepped in and said “Here’s some millions. Knock yourself out.” But, like the big auto companies, is just throwing some cash at the problem enough to fix it or just keep things temporarily afloat in hopes that all this badness will soon pass? The NY Times has a great op-ed by Roberta Smith about how she sees it with what needs to be done. First they need to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it (the government is already eager to help them in that department). Once they get that solved, and likely even before, they need to also make like the American auto industry and clean themselves up, making them a little swifter to change. And third, she offers up other museums who have found themselves dangerously close to the edge the MOCA now finds itself upon and how they somehow managed to pull back before things got grim. But we’re lousy paraphrasers. Go forth and read for yourself.