Robert Venturi’s 1969 House Saving Plan Slowly Coming Along

An update on a story we’d reported on back at the end of January about architect Robert Venturi desperately trying to move a home he’d designed back in 1969 to avoid the new owners’ wrecking ball. Fortunately, a couple had decided to buy the home, but Venturi had to figure out how to get it off the property. His solution: float it down a river on a barge. Well, now a month later, it looks like part of the improbable plan has worked so far, albeit slowly. The house was moved to the waterfront, where it stands now, awaiting a verdict from government officials who are trying to figure out if it will be safe for a house-carrying barge is safe to travel down the waterway. So while it’s still 50/50 in trying to save the building, at least part one is done, and you kinda have to figure, even if the government doesn’t give the okay to float it, Venturi has gone this far already and probably won’t give up very easily.

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