Robert Traynham: The FishbowlDC Interview

Say hello (or “hi handsome,” rather) to Robert Traynham, the DC bureau chief for the Comcast Network and host of “Roll Call TV with Robert Traynham,” but most importantly really, he owns far more suits than anyone else we’ve interviewed so far.

What does your morning reading list include? First, you should know that I am geek and a total political news junkie so my reading list reflects my hunger and thirst for political news. First, while on the stationary bike, I read the Washington Post, Washington Times and if I can get my hands on one- the Financial Times. When I arrive at the office, I read Roll Call, The Wall Street Journal, the Politico, and The New York Times.

What single person has played the biggest role or has had the biggest influence on your career? I think the persons who have played the biggest role in my career are my parents. Their strong work ethic and sense of right and wrong still instill me to this very day.

How many suits do you own? 35

What is the name of your cell phone ring? Love Magic by John Davis & The Monster Orchestra.

How many emails do you receive a day? How many do you answer?
Oh gosh. I think about 200 or so a day. From listeners, viewers, friends and family. I try to answer each one if I can. Some do not want or deserve a response.

Where do you power-lunch? The Palm or Charlie Palmer’s.

What’s your favorite or go-to drink? Grand Marnier. 150 year old.

Who is your favorite active journalist? Candy Crowley from CNN. I love her work.

What subject line in an email grabs your attention? Hi Handsome.

What section of the Sunday Washington Post do you read first?
The Style Section followed by the front page

If you ran a doctor’s office or a bank, what cable station would you have on in your waiting room or lobby? The Comcast Network

What kind of dog should the Obamas get and what should they name their new pet? A Golden Retriever. Name? Hope.

Who would you most enjoy seeing parodied on SNL? I hate to admit it- but I would love to see Candy Crowley parodied.

Leno or Letterman? Stewart or Colbert? Colbert. Hands down.

Taking a cue from The Chris Matthews Show here, tell us something we don’t know… A new African American themed political public affairs show will be launched to cover the African American experience in the Obama age.