Robert Schimmel’s Final Months Were Not Easy

Distended stomach from cirrhosis of the liver, broken marriage, infidelity, DNA testing his kids to determine their true paternity–Bob Schimmel’s last few months were not pretty. Schimmel went on the Howard Stern show last January, where he was a frequent guest, and spoke about all the horrible things that were going on in his life at the time.

On yesterday’s show, in the wake of Schimmel’s death, Stern said he regretted not being there for Schimmel more–especially after hearing about all the terrible things that had been going on in the comic’s life.

“My regret is…And this is me, is that I never actually picked up the phone to see how Bob was doing…A lot of times I don’t pick up the phone, because I feel like Bob was going to make a request of me, or ask me something so it sort of prevents me from picking up the phone and calling someone, and I gotta really work on that. If Bob had asked me for anything I wouldn’t have said no, so therefore I don’t call, cause I’m one of these guys who can’t say no. And so I sit there and I rationalize: ‘I’ll him next week. I’ll call him next week.’ And I never called him.”

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