Holed Up in a Hotel Room with Robert Pattinson

For a features journalist, it’s near impossible to avoid the meteoric rise angle when interviewing Robert Pattinson, unlikely star of the Twilight movies. The Scotsman‘s Claire Black is the first to admit this in her latest profile piece for the newspaper.

Still, she does an admirable job of conveying some of the behavior that has become entrenched on the actor’s side to deal with the never-ending celebrity maelstrom. Here are just a couple of snippets from Black’s article, framed around her interview slot with Pattinson on the 10th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills:

Pattinson laughs and then looks serious again. It’s typical Pattinson delivery, a kind of subdued stream of consciousness in which he talks himself in and out of things, then relies on humor to lighten things up, not always convincingly…

Pattinson always has an explanation that deflects attention away from him. He takes modesty, ramps it up with inconsistent eye contact, an endless supply of self-effacing anecdotes and an air of utter bafflement that creates a genuine awkwardness… He sometimes laughs a little longer than he should and his stories have a tendency to peter out. One to one, he’s more relaxed, but it’s not easy.

The actor told Black he was cockier before becoming a star. Kudos to the reporter for capturing the inherent contradictions of 21st century worldwide adulation.