The Night Walter Winchell Slept Through a Major Celebrity Scoop

In case you hadn’t noticed, we cannot get enough of The Fat Lady Sang, Hollywood legend Robert Evans‘ brand new memoir. Our copy is ready and waiting this holiday weekend, set to take precedence whenever a football or leftovers munch break allows.

We’ve also been gobbling up Evans interview coverage and must congratulate LA Times reporter Susan King for concocting the most appealing lede we’ve read so far. She frames today’s article with a bit from the book about the time aspiring actor Evans, while on a 1950s red eye from New York to LA, had a dalliance in the sleeping-berths area of the plane with an older female movie star. Among the other passengers sleeping in the confined area containing six beds – Walter Winchell:

There was something daring, even dangerous in having a mile-high rendezvous while the influential Winchell, who could make or break celebrities, was just two feet away. “That’s the only reason I did it,” said Evans in a recent interview, flashing his killer smile.

“It’s called the ‘flare of the dare.’ The ‘flare of the dare’ is very important in my life. And I’ve gotten in trouble with that.”

Glorious, epic trouble. And even when relating an episode of this nature, Evans is able to maintain a certain touch of class, a cornerstone of his smooth operator M.O. In this case, he refuses to this day to identify the “aging diva” with whom he ha the airborne dalliance.

[Jacket cover courtesy: Harper Collins/It Books]