A Questionable Robert De Niro-Tribeca Headline

In bold, headline form, the word “admits” usually infers that someone has: A) Previously denied something, or; B) Been prone to dodging the topic altogether. In the case of today’s Ramin Setoodeh Variety Q&A with Tribeca Film Festival head honchos Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal, there is no such prior context.


Are you click-baitin’ to me? De Niro told the reporter that he is “trying to see them [the movies] now” and that it is difficult for him to find the time. Especially, one assumes, in a young year that included the demands of finalizing a deal to sell 50% of the festival’s parent to MSG.

At least one Boston daily has seen fit to run with this slap of Big Apple boldface. Meanwhile, based on De Niro’s answer to the question immediately following the headline-highlighted patter, FishbowlNY is quietly thankful the article was not crowned with – “Robert De Niro Can’t Even Describe the Difference of His Own, Damn Festival.”

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