Robbie Williams Shares a Few More Naked Truths

U.K. pop star drops new album and his clothes.

We’ve been waiting for a good excuse to highlight what we feel ranks as one of the all-time greatest celebrity TV talk-show confessions. Thanks to U.K. gay magazine Attitude, we now have that excuse.

While some are miffed that “another” straight man has been chosen for the December cover of Attitude, most others seem thrilled. With the artwork, the human specimen, the promise of the accompanying interview and the opportunity to listen to the British pop star’s brand new album The Heavy Entertainment Show. In the cover story by John Grant, Williams talks about his battles with sex addiction.

The article follows Williams’ recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, during which he slayed the host and fellow guests Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick and Daniel Radcliffe with a recollection of a mysterious woman who showed up one morning in the bedroom of a castle he and his band were renting and proceeded to take care of his “morning glory.”

Intriguingly, the official YouTube video clip of the show moment has been taken out of public circulation. Although we can no longer embed the video, read about what Williams said here.

P.S. As tipped in the tweet above, there is an alternate Williams cover that can be chosen for online print orders. View here.