Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn Launch ‘Significant Objects’ Project


Everyone’s favorite expert on the subject of Murketing, Rob Walker, along with cohort Joshua Glenn, have just launched what’s sure to be a fun and interesting side project entitled Significant Objects. It’s a mix between a dash of Objectified and a sprig of Chicago’s popular Dollar Store show, as the two curators gave miscellaneous objects found in thrift stores and yard sales to a wide range of writers who will come up with fictional stories about them. Following that, the items will be re-sold on eBay, complete with their new histories. It’s a heck of a great idea and Walker and Glenn have assembled a really terrific collection of writers to participate (full disclosure: this writer is married to one of them — and it isn’t Kurt Andersen — though man, wouldn’t that be great?). They’ve just launched with the first five stories, which are all mighty fine reads. Keep it bookmarked so you can check out the rest as they continue to roll them out.