The Disappearing Rob Schneider Interview

Ahead of a Friday, December 3rd stand-up appearance in Chicopee, MA, comedian Rob Schneider did a long phone interview from LA with For some reason, the Q&A transcript quickly disappeared from the website after publication Monday, November 30th.

Perhaps someone decided the material was too political. From our perspective, the conversation showcases Schneider in a highly flattering Bill Maher type of light. And certainly, nothing he says is any more offensive than the gay-aliens John Travolta joke the comedian told at last night’s Quentin Tarantino roast. Here are a few samples:

Is this place [where he is performing] owned by an Indian casino? You should get one. That’s the answer to all our problems I hear. Taking more money from poor people. You can only grab so much from pension plans, so you need to get poor people to spend their disposable income…

These assholes, these heartless morons [Republicans], they didn’t have it figured out two years ago, why would they have it figured out now? What we’re going to have is more cutbacks to social programs, more cutbacks to education and health programs and roads. They’re just going to take money from poor people…

As long as we continue to give away our airwaves to morons like [Rupert] Murdoch so that he can use it as an opinion tool for his media empire and agenda, there’s going to be suffering.

Update – 12/03/10: FBLA spoke with a Senior Producer at The Schneider interview was taken down from the site after it was uploaded directly by contributor Thomas Attila Lewis because it violated the obscenity provisions of the User Agreement. However, the writer was able to cycle the piece over to

Update – 12/05/10: FBLA heard via email from the author of the Schneider interview, Thomas Attila Lewis, a regular contributor as well to He isn’t buying the explanation. He says all of his articles have now been removed from, not just the Schneider interview. What’s more, he suggests that the issue of obscenity-vulgarity never previously came up for posted items such as an interview with comedian Bill Burr that on par with the Schneider one. Was the removal of the piece personally motivated then perhaps? Or an objection to the politics articulated by Schneider? “Something definitely stinks at MassLive,” writes Lewis.

Update – 12/06/10: FBLA heard again from both and interview author Lewis. The former point to Google search results showing links to articles by Lewis still available on the site. The latter clarifies that while some content that could not be found by his fans appears to be there, profile information and additional interview articles have been removed such as one based on this conversation with Tom Green. The writer maintains that profanity was never a problem with his editors until the Schneider interview.