Rob Reiner Sings the Praises of Liberal Radio Host Stephanie Miller

Hollywood director part of this week's very entertaining L.A. Weekly cover story

Bryan Smith’s first contribution to alt-weekly L.A. Weekly is a memorable one. The writer spent extended time at the Los Feliz-area home of Stephanie Miller, where a room in the basement was transformed over the 2013 holidays into the broadcast studio used for her wildly popular current syndicated radio show.

There are lots of fun details in the article. About Miller’s small staff; about how the weekday program is begun each morning at an hour made ungodly by the three-hour ET time difference; and so on. At one point, Smith touches on the longtime radio personality’s more famous fans, some of whom have also been, separately, dinner guests. They include filmmaker Rob Reiner:

“There’s no bullshit,” Reiner, the director of This Is Spinal Tap and When Harry Met Sally, says of Miller. “She doesn’t mince words and she doesn’t throw out lies.”

“People [on the right] will say, ‘Well, Stephanie is just as ridiculous as Infowars and Alex Jones,” Reiner adds. “No. Alex Jones says that Sandy Hook was a made-up thing. Stephanie doesn’t say anything insane like that. You may not agree with her politics, but she doesn’t make shit up.”

Wilson asked Talkers magazine honcho Michael Harris to quantify Miller’s radio audience. Thanks to the combined reach of online, radio, SiriusXM and FreeSpeechTV, Harris estimates that audience to be around six million people per week. Bookmark-read the full piece here. The cover photo is the work of Ted Soqui.

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