Toronto Tabloid Bemoans Rob Ford ‘Bad Ink’

Today’s edition of the Toronto Sun, Hogtown’s version of the New York Post, promises “8 Ford Pages Inside.” Above a headline and great illustration combo that hates on the city’s “extremely, extremely inebriated” mayor for continuing to attract a mountain of sordid international media coverage.

Earlier this week, before that crazy new video of Ford surfaced, the paper was leading with: ‘The world is cracking up at Toronto’s expense.’ We are indeed, although interestingly, in one of the more thoughtful bits of coverage, Washington Post columnist Clinton Yates – who was eight years old in 1990 at the time of the Marion Barry scandal – suggested today’s social-media-buttressed mocking Merry-Go-Round will actually mean this has less of a damaging impact on Toronto’s collective psyche than the Barry episode did on D.C.’s.

Reading some of the eight Ford pages, FishbowlNY can only console TO with the following. Just imagine how much worse the ink would be if Matt Drudge was based in Mississauga instead of Miami.

P.S. The “bad ink” reference and illustration, per the front-page inset photo, plumbs the fact that a Toronto resident yesterday chose to go the Ford tattoo route on Queen Street West at Forever Young Ink. Tattoo recipient Kevin Ledo has a number of other famous-people blots and told the Sun that if the opportunity arises, he will vote for Ford… Again!