Rob Ford’s Brother Says Oprah, Dr. Phil Among Media Suitors

It remains one of FishbowlNY’s favorite TV offerings of the year: the single episode of talk show Ford Nation, which aired in Canada on the Sun News Network Monday November 18 right before the program was canceled Tuesday November 19.

Now, according to an interview given Thursday by co-star Doug to the National Post‘s Jake Edmiston, the program will return before Christmas as a YouTube series. But that’s not the scariest part:

In the aftermath of a series of scandals, U.S. and Canadian production houses have flooded mayor Ford’s office, said his brother Doug, all pitching a reality show concept. Councillor Ford said they have passed on all offers. “Everyone from Oprah to Dr. Phil. You name the person, we’ve got calls from them.”

Oprah!? Say it ain’t so. And even if it’s not, OWN might still want to get ahead of this with a quick holiday-weekend denial or at least clarification she was only interested in the one-off interview. All things considered, Dr. Phil may be a better place for mayor Ford to wind up.

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