Comedian Rob Delaney Takes Over @MLB Twitter Account, Hilarity Ensues

Brands handing the reins of their social media accounts over to influencers for temporary takeovers is nothing new.

But the Internet pays attention when the brand-influencer combo is particularly unexpected.

Yesterday, May 7, from noon-7 p.m., comedian Rob Delaney took over the @MLB Twitter account. Let’s just say there were some curveballs.

Rob Delaney, whose 800,000+ Twitter followers are testament to his online popularity, is a Massachusetts native and, therefore, lifelong Boston Red Sox fan. Hence the MLB connection.

Delaney’s Twitter prominence also snagged him a gig singing the national anthem at a Dodgers game last week. Dude really knows the power of 140 characters!

As Dave Feldman, MLB’s social media director, told Mashable pre-takeover,

“We just want to have some fun here. Delaney is hilarious and hopefully won’t get me fired. We really want to use the @MLB account as a way for celebs and other public figures to interact and have fun with baseball fans. Baseball is America’s Pastime for so many people and we thought it’d be fun for some notables to have the keys to the account when it makes sense.”

In case you weren’t following along, here are a few highlights from Delaney’s stint in the @MLB driver’s seat:

To be clear, the MLB Twitter account already has a pretty casual, sometimes witty vibe, so Delaney’s tweets weren’t too, er, out of left field for the account’s followers. It’ll be interesting to see what impact the stunt had on MLB’s follower count and engagement levels.

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