“Road Trip!” – 46% of Women Use Facebook While Travelling

There’s no vacation from social media, says a new survey of women travelers. Even while on the road, women are turning to their online social networks to see what their friends are up to and update their statuses. Unsurprisingly, Facebook is the most-used social network by women who travel. But just how do they use it? Read below the jump for details from this survey.

Commissioned by Women on their Way, the survey results comprised 500 women between the ages of 18 and 50 who have at least one social network account, and who have had an overnight trip in the last 12 month.

Of the women surveyed, 93% have a Facebook account and 68% of these women use it for travel purposes. The most popular travel-related activity on Facebook is sharing photos or videos of a trip, with 57% of those who use Facebook while traveling using it to share multimedia. The next most popular activity is sharing status updates and commentary about the trip, followed in roughly equal parts by checking-in via Facebook Places, blogging about the trip, and doing research for their trip.

These activities can take place before or after their trips, but just under half of all women surveyed, 46%, say they use social networks while traveling. They don’t feel the urge to unplug while sunbathing on a white sand beach – instead, half of them are logging on to Facebook to tell their friends that they are about to go sunbathing…and then logging in after to complain about the itchy burn they got.

Interestingly, half of all women who use social networks while traveling access them on their smart phones. While more are using laptops (77%), smart phones are clearly a convenient and easy way to send status updates without taking an eye off the scenery.

The main reason that women in this survey say they log on to social networks is to stay in touch with friends and family while traveling, and share their experiences with others.

It might not come as a shock to those who are immersed in social media that women like to stay connected even while on vacation, but it does throw up a question of what a vacation actually is. If you’re busy updating your status, recommending exotic restaurants and keeping abreast of friends’ latest nights out, are you really letting yourself unwind, recharge and relax? It looks as if social networks are part and parcel of many women’s vacations, so there must be something relaxing about status updates and tweets.