RIP to the Brooklyn Nets’ Amazing PR Twitter Feed

We are sad to report today, via various sources, that the nascent Brooklyn Nets PR department has (at least temporarily) abandoned its incredible Twitter account. Some speculate that the decision to “go in a different direction” on the social media front came after pretty much everyone on the Internet mocked truly amazing tweets like this one:

and this one:

and this one:

Yes, the account retweeted itself. Oh, and by the way, this announcement came after the team’s first game. They were 1-0.

The Nets communications department appears to have pushed PR manager Calder Hynes a little further away from the spotlight, though he still manages his personal feed. But why? Doesn’t everybody love humor? Didn’t you guys notice the thousands of shares and favorites on that first tweet? Most of the tweets weren’t even funny. They were just updates of individual games, stats and players’ statuses. You know, standard sports PR stuff.

Finally, can a team really be concerned about the public taking it more seriously when its roster includes Kris Humphries?