A Father’s Day Tragedy

This is absolutely horrific.

Over the weekend in the Hamptons, Closer magazine editor-in-chief Annabel Vered and her husband Josef Burstein witnessed the death of their six-year-old daughter Tess. While trying to dart across the road in front of their property on Sunday, the little girl was hit by a car driven by an elderly neighbor.

From a report in the New York Post:

[Maurice] Wittenberg and his wife, Harriet, 76, who was in the car with him, told The Post that they had been returning from their weekly trip to the local King Kullen supermarket…

“I feel it wasn’t my fault, but it’s still a terrible thing to know you’ve killed an innocent little child. It was the worst day of my life,’’ the man said.

His weeping wife, a retired teacher, said, “Ten seconds more in King Kullen, and she would have been across the street already.”

FishbowlNY would like to extend its deepest condolences to Vered, Burstein, those poor neighbors and everyone else directly affected by this tragedy. RIP.

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