RIP: ‘Ultimate Reporter’ Stephen A. Booth

Veteran tech journalist and editor was 62.

Memorial services will be held Monday in White Plains, New York for Stephen A. Booth. The veteran tech journalist and editor passed away Wednesday at age 62 after a long battle with illness.


Per an obituary in TWICE magazine, Booth earned the respect of his peers wherever he worked, be it Consumer Electronics Daily, Video Review magazine, Popular Mechanics or CES Publishing. Via the memorial website, one of those peers, Nancy Klosek, sums it up beautifully:

A poster with a reporter wearing a fedora, holding one of those old-fashioned two-piece phones, barking, “Hello, sweetheart. Get me rewrite.” That decoration on Steve’s cubicle wall at Boating Industry, the first trade magazine where he and a few others of us first got into publishing in the ’70s, is one of the many things that came rushing to mind on Wednesday, May 27th, after I heard the news.

Steve was the ultimate reporter. He had all the elements – natural curiosity about people and situations, an ironic sense of humor, a desire to get the story right and the flair needed to put it down on paper so it both made sense and was a good read. These last few months, his story sure could have used that rewrite. To all those whom he amused, interested and loved, and to all those who, likewise, amused, interested and loved him, my deepest condolences. Till later, friend, and godspeed…


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