RIP: Cartoonist Jack Davis

His first job, in 1949, involved an in-house booklet for Coca-Cola.

The poster for Woody Allen’s early comedy Bananas. The album art for Spike Jones’ LP Thank You, Music Lovers. The illustration for Time’s April 30, 1973 cover story “Israel at 25.”

These are just a few of the countless artifacts that will be sampled and enjoyed anew in memory of illustrator Jack Davis, who passed away today at the age of 91. The beloved cartoonist’s career took hold at EC Comics and encompassed every medium, including advertising. From a remembrance by friend and colleague Mark Evanier:

Davis’ first drawing in print was a small sketch that ran in Tip Top Comics in the thirties. It was on a page that printed reader contributions and he was not the only soon-to-be-famous cartoonist who first saw a drawing of his published there. So did Mort (Beetle Bailey) Walker and Davis’s soon-to-be collaborator/employer, Harvey Kurtzman.

Davis attended the University of Georgia and his work for the campus newspaper (and an independent humor publication) got him an intern job at the Atlanta Journal which in turn led to assistant work on the newspaper strip, Mark Trail, and later on The Saint.

A funeral will be held Friday at St. Simon’s Island. RIP.

Screen grab via: Flickr