Trending On Twitter: RIP Avalanna

You might be one of those Justin Bieber haters, but there’s one undeniably great thing this young man has done – made the last days a little brighter for a six-year-old battling cancer.

That little girl, Avalanna, passed today and RIP Avalanna is now trending on Twitter.

US Magazine reports that Avalanna’s parents tweeted that she had passed earlier today.

Justin tweeted about it as well:

And say what you will about Beliebers (Justin Bieber followers), but I’d rather see this trending on Twitter than most of the foolishness that pops up. Here’s hoping Avalanna’s parents feel some small comfort from seeing how many people are remembering and mourning their little girl. Please tweet your condolences?

This video shows some happy memories and cute pics of Avalanna. You’ll cry. As a mom of a six-year-old, I know I did. RIP Avalanna.

(Picture of Avalanna taken from video linked above)

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