RIP: A LIFE Photographer Who Covered It All

At the beginning of his tribute to John Dominis, the celebrated LIFE photographer who passed away Monday in New York City at age 92, editor Ben Cosgrove writes: “We won’t see your like again.” Cosgrove is absolutely and, sadly, right.

Dominis belonged to another era. The one before cell phones, Instagram and filters made everyone a photographer; a time when folks in the U.S. relied on three network TV channels and a small number of news magazines for the domestic and international scoop.

Cosgrove frames a slide show of 33 Dominis photos, each worth a thousand words. We urge you to click on over to, go full screen and bask in the incredible composition of Dominis’ shots, like this one taken in Vietnam in 1961:

There are some color photos in the bunch, but it’s the black and white that resonates most, be it Dominis’ great portraits of actor Steve McQueen or his famous shot of Mickey Mantle, disgusted with himself after an unsuccessful at-bat.

Cosgrove also makes an interesting observation about the category of photographer to which Dominis belonged:

Then there are great photographers whose work is so phenomenally varied — a uniform, unbroken excellence the only common thread running throughout — that every new shot one encounters might have been made by a different individual. John Dominis is such a photographer, and the photos presented here serve as a testament to the man’s enviable ability to see and to capture anything.

Rest in pictures; rest in photos; Rest in Peace.