Riots At Foxconn Close Down Factory

The BBC has reported that Chinese police have shut down one of Foxconn’s factory after a riot among thousands of people broke out.

Check it out: “Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology, a major supplier for Apple, has halted production at a plant in northern China after a fight broke out among workers. Foxconn confirmed that a ‘personal dispute’ escalated into an incident involving about 2,000 workers, injuring 40 of them.”

Foxxconn, a factory that supplies parts for Apple and other technology companies including Microsoft and HP, has had issues in the past due to allegations of poor working conditions. Since then, Apple has promised to investigate the problem and create fair working conditions for all of its employees.
It is not clear how this news will affect shipments of the new iPhones, which have oversold estimates and are a bit delayed these days. We’re also not clear what, if any, affect this will have on a mini iPad, which is rumored to be coming out this fall. (Via Wired).