Mapping Out the Massive League of Legends Numbers

California-based artist, illustrator and contributor Neil Spencer has shared an info-graphic that illustrates the jaw-dropping international footprint of online game League of Legends.

If you’re male and between the ages of 16 and 30, chances are you are already well familiar with the particulars. That demo makes up 85% of active users:

On a typical day there are three million members online simultaneously, hailing from around the globe. Most users come from the United States, Canada, Europe and Brazil… The average worldwide play hours is 1+ billion every month… The impressive number of hours played per month work out to give League of Legends a very distinct honor: it’s the most played video game in the world.

The info-graphic starts out with the declaration “LoL’s no laughing matter.” Excepting of course the execs and bonus-clause employees of Riot Games, who are laughing all the way to the bank. Check out the graphic here.

Befitting the global reach of LoL, Riot currently has job openings not just in Santa Monica but also St. Louis, Dublin, Seoul, São Paulo and Moscow.

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