RIMM in a Downward Swing. But, is the "End" Really Near?

Chart courtesy of Yahoo! Finance: 1 Year Relative Stock Price Fluctuation
RIMM – black line
Nokia – brown
Microsoft – orange
Motorola – red
Apple – green

A month ago today, I wrote:

RIM Stock Price Dropped 10.7% on Friday Due to Eroding Market Share. Is BlackBerry the Next Palm OS or Windows Mobile?

Research in Motion’s (RIMM) stock share price actually recovered a bit in the past month. But, Reuter’s Robert Cyran and Peter Thal Larsen wrote this yesterday:

BlackBerry’s Era May Be Ending

RIMM can still pull out of this mindshare nosedive. After all, wasn’t it just a few years ago that we all talked and wrote about the “Crackberry” phenomenon? However, if RIMM follows the example of of Palm’s Palm OS, Palm’s webOS, Nokia’s Symbian S60 and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile strategy, they may be in for a bit of trouble.