RIM Teaming with Microsoft for Search, Maps & PhotoSynth(?)

RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis brought Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer onstage at BlackBerry World this week to announce that Bing search and maps will become a big part of the BlackBerry experience near the end of 2011. Bing will be the default browser search engine in the browser. The Microsoft Bing search and maps applications are now the preferred apps in those task spaces.

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Inside BlackBerry reported that Microsoft showed how OCR camera search, voice search, streetside block view, photosynth panorama would work with the BlackBerry platform. I found it interesting that Microsoft is demonstrating PhotoSynth running on a BlackBerry. Microsoft recently released a PhotoSynth for iPhone app that is able to create remarkable panoramic photos. However, Microsoft’s own Windows Phone neither has a PhotoSynth app nor can it display a PhotoSynth panorama. It would be ironic if PhotoSynth supported BlackBerry and iPhone but not Windows Phone.