RIM Source Says Branding Message is Part of the Company’s Problem

Research In Motion reported some unimpressive Q1 results on Thursday and its stock paid the price on Friday. Business Insider has been digging for info about what the heck happened, and one source says that part of the problem is the company’s branding message.

“Their recent efforts with the ‘BlackBerry LOVE’ campaign have failed – and I think it is obvious that the ‘LOVE’ theme is simply inconsistent with the real and authentic ‘can do’, ‘make it happen’, and ‘entrepreneurial’ attitude of their core user base. The campaign was not authentic to the true nature of the company,” the source said.

Overall, this source identifies the company’s big problems as its inability to see its own issues and effectively reach out to the consumer space.

“CEO Jim Balsillie’s occupation of the ‘Chief Marketing’ position is evidence of one of the ongoing tragedies of the company and arguably Jim’s inability to find someone for this role of vast importance is evidence of an underlying failure to grasp just how important this ‘marketing’ issues [sic] is especially in the context of the consumer space,” this person continues.


You’ll remember that another RIM exec, Mike Lazaridis, completely lost it during a BBC interview in which he was asked about security issues in India. This does seem to speak to the ironic truth that the smartphone company has problems communicating with the media and its audiences.


The company has been getting feedback from consumers and retailers about what’s lacking with its new Playbook tablet. And consumers have been speaking with their wallets on the mobile device front. Now RIM has to act on this info.


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