RIM PlayBook Tablet: UI Looks Good, But App Switching Looks Too Slow

RIM’s playbook for its upcoming PlayBook tablet draws from a couple of interesting and mostly failed strategies.

– Symbiotic relationship with older BlackBerry phone sibling for 3G data. Palm tried and didn’t even launch its Folio product that also paired a larger derice with its existing phone line. Palm is now gone. Tethering is a good idea and good strategy. However, tying tethering to just one brand has not worked out in the past.

– The PlayBook is based on the UNIX-like QNX operating system while RIM’s BlackBerry phones are based on various versions of BlackBerry OS (non-touch and touch). Nokia has been trying to do that for years (Symbian S60 on phones and Maemo [now merged with MeeGo] on tablets). How’s that working out? Do all your gadget fan friends have Maemo or MeeGo tablets now?

Engadget posted a very interesting demo of the PlayBook on their site.

BlackBerry PlayBook first hands-on! (video)

But, take a look at the video starting around the 9 second mark. How long did it take to switch between apps? It looked like 6 seconds of blank screen to me. That said, other app switching looked reasonably fast after that point. The apps windows seemed to jerk a bit (like my now relatively original Moto Droid) when it came up around the 54 second mark.

The unit demoed is not a production unit. So, the PlayBook may be more response when it hits the market.