RIM PlayBook Tablet Competitively Priced at $499. But, Dependence on BlackBerry Phone Will Limit its Appeal

I’ve been writing about mobile devices for over a decade. And, for one reason or another, I have never owned a RIM BlackBerry device. RIM’s PlayBook tablet may or may not break this streak, but it does have two positives going for it now:

1. RIM said from the start that this would be a WiFi-only device that does not need a 3G data plan of its own.
2. CrackBerry.com reports that a 16GB model will be priced at $499 which means it is the same price as the entry level iPad

16GB BlackBerry PlayBook Priced at $499 and heading to Office Depot

As I noted last month, I have some reservations about the PlayBook’s dependence on a BlackBerry phone for key features such as contacts, calendar, and memos. It seems like the PlayBook really needs a BlackBerry for optimal use. This limits its attractiveness to non-BlackBerry phone users.

RIM Says PlayBook Tablet is Great Without a BlackBerry, But. . .