RIM to Launch BBM Digital Music Service

One major record company has already signed on

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is in talks with the four largest record companies to launch its own digital music service, sources told CNET. The new service, a test version of which could be released in the next few weeks, would allow BlackBerry Messaging users to send songs to other subscribers.

Sources said that RIM has already signed a deal with one of the four record companies, and is close to signing with two others.

According to the New York Times, the service will cost less than $10 dollars per month and will be added to subscribers’ monthly phone bills. Record companies would share some of the revenue. The service will be available to RIM’s 45 million users worldwide.

However, the new service will be very limited compared to other cloud music services, the Times reports. Unlike music streaming services like Spotify that allow users to stream millions of songs, the RIM version will only allow its users to share about 50 songs with their friends, through playlists and other features.