RIM Introduces BlackBerry 10 OS & Z10, Q10 Phones

In a move to compete with Apple and Android, Research in Motion has BlackBerry has introduced a new operating system for BlackBerry along with two new phones — a touchscreen model Z10 and the Q10 a new BlackBerry with a QWERTY keyboard.

Like other smartphones popular today, the new BlackBerry Z10 has a touchscreen and offers access to third party apps through the BlackBerry App World. The BlackBerry Z10 is a touchscreen phone with a high-resolution 1280 x 768, 4.2-inch screen. It has 16GB of internal storage, which can be expanded with MicroSD cards up to 32 GB. It is Wi-Fi enabled and has an 8 megapixel camera. The Q10, on the other hand, incorporates the new operating system while providing a phone with a QWERTY keyboard for loyal keyboard enthusiasts. Both devices will be available in the U.S. in March.

RIM has had trouble with BlackBerry ever since the invent of the iPhone. Mobile traffic from BlackBerry devices has been dropping in recent years and by 2011, BlackBerry only accounted for 1% of all mobile Internet traffic in the U.S., according to ad network Chitika.

The new operating system and phones are aimed at bringing BlackBerry into the game that is largely dominated by Apple and Android devices. BlackBerry 10 is based on swiping gestures. TechCrunch has more:

BB10 is all about swiping to navigate. You swipe up to wake the devices, swipe right to check out BlackBerry Hub and view your notifications, swipe left to access your currently running apps and the home screen, and swipe down to check out both system-wide and app-specific settings. It’s different from what most users will be used to on either iOS or Android, but some aspects will be familiar to webOS users. Overall, while it’s different, it’s a surprisingly intuitive experience, and one that exceeds the tacked-on touch experience of BB OS 7 and earlier.

Here is more from the BlackBerry Developer’s blog: “At the core of the BlackBerry Z10 is BlackBerry Flow (something we’ve been showing off for a while); what this means is that you don’t have to seek information on your device. Instead, it’s delivered to you within thumb reach, so you can take action quickly and easily.”