RIM Agreement with India's Government Provides Limited Message Access. But, Not to BES Email

RIM (Research In Motion) built a large and loyal customer base by providing a superior email experience, excellent physical thumb keyboards, and the promise of iron clad messaging security. That last item (messaging security) has been the source of concern and negotiations with a number of governments this year. Computerworld reports that RIM and India’s government have reached an agreement

RIM to give Indian government access to BlackBerry Messenger

However, it is not the case that India’s government has access to every message pushed to BlackBerry phones in their country. The article goes on to report that the agreement is that RIM will provide unscrabled messages handled by BlackBerry Messanger on a case-by-case basis following a “due legal process.” Moreover, this agreement does NOT provide access to messages handled by RIM’s BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) installed and maintained privately by an institution.