Rihanna, “Harry Potter,” Zynga, YouTube, TV and Cristiano Ronaldo on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

Musicians made up half the list of our growing Facebook Pages this week, there were also a handful of films, as well as a few big brands, “The Simpsons” and footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s Page. Pages on our list this week required 356,500 and 974,300 Likes to make the top 20 this week. We compile these lists with our PageData tool, which tracks Page growth across Facebook.

NameLikesDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1.  Rihanna42,972,075+104,987+974,253
2.  Rick Ross1,571,304+4,843+961,758
3.  Harry Potter32,187,758+89,363+664,545
4.  Justin Bieber34,514,951+54,656+654,115
5.  Red Hot Chili Peppers12,301,876+17,681+594,496
6.  The Smurfs1,687,203+107,380+531,237
7.  The Wizard of Oz539,645+156+500,003
8.  Shakira38,686,979+69,415+493,045
9.  Eminem45,010,290+63,589+475,881
10.  Katy Perry33,563,568+61,110+442,526
11.  Texas Hold’em Poker48,266,719+63,233+439,677
12.  Facebook50,188,314+50,059+436,009
13.  Twilight22,210,630+64,746+398,748
14.  YouTube43,164,872+48,195+392,252
15.  Florence and the Machine1,701,844+2,315+383,229
16.  The Simpsons33,270,481+45,785+382,543
17.  Titanic13,076,634+55,253+379,183
18.  AKON29,138,034+51,884+365,498
19.  Lady Gaga42,083,997+47,683+361,823
20.  Cristiano Ronaldo32,270,870+48,530+356,496

Rihanna’s Page grew by 974,300 Likes this week with an average of about 105,000 a day, pushing her total to 42.7 million; she’s currently promoting her upcoming film, concerts, products and music. Justin Bieber saw growth of about 54,700 Likes a day, 654,100 in the past week to total 34.5 million. Red Hot Chili Peppers are currently promoting the pre-order of their upcoming album and grew by 594,500 in the past week, bringing their total to 12.3 million Likes. Shakira’s Page grew by 493,000 Likes after she’s been touring, appearing in TV shows and promoting charity.

Eminem’s Page grew by 475,900 Likes to push him over 45 million Likes; an interesting promotion on his Page involved a special “fan” price for a Kansas City concert in which he participated. Katy Perry’s Page saw 442,500 Likes this week after she’s been promoting her concerts and new single, to bring her to 33.5 million Likes. AKON saw 365,500 Likes this week to total 29.1 million as he’s been promoting his latest single and Lady Gaga has done the same, pushing her Page past 42 million with growth of 361,800 Likes.

There seemed to be some Page consolidations on the list, too, characterized by very small daily Likes growth, but huge weekly growth as evidenced by huge spikes in growth starting around Friday. Musician Rick Ross’s Page grew by 961,800 Likes to 1.5 million, the bulk of his Likes, averaging just 4,800 a day. Florence and the Machine grew by 383,200 Likes, averaging 2,300 daily, pushing her to 1.7 million Likes.

Movies on the list this week included “Harry Potter” with 664,500 Likes (see above) to reach 32.2 million Likes; the film is currently in theaters. “The Smurfs,” also in theaters, grew by 531,200 Likes to 1.6 million, “The Wizard of Oz” also seemed to be a Page consolidation growing to 539,700 Likes with 500,000 in the past week and averaging just 156 Likes a day. There was “Twilight” with 398,700 Likes in the past week and Titanic, a Community Page, which grew by 379,200 Likes to 13 million.

The remainder of the list included Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker Page which grew by 439,700 Likes to 48.2 million, Facebook’s Page which grew by 436,000 likes to more than 50.1 million and  YouTube with 392,300 Likes to 43.1 million. “The Simpsons” grew by 382,500 to 33.2 million after the show was nominated for awards, while promoting merchandise and its actors. Finally there was footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s Page with grew by 356,500 Likes to 32.2 million after updating about his games and charity activities.