Righthaven Ignores Ruling, Continues To Demand Domain Transfer

We’ve already said this but Righthaven’s/Las Vegas Review-Journal’s revenue strategy couched as a principled stand for copyright is not long for this world.

Last week, on the same day that a judge ordered the unsealing of the contract between Righthaven and R-J publisher Stephens Media, the same judge in a separate case ruled that Righthaven’s tactic of demanding an alleged copyright infringer turn over his or her domain is unacceptable.

“There simply is no legal basis for Righthaven’s threat to seize domain names as a remedy for copyright infringement,” the judge said (and the EFF paraphrased).

But! Righthaven filed another lawsuit just yesterday, paidContent says, and “the newest Righthaven lawsuit appears to be openly defiant of the court’s order, by continuing to demand the transfer of a domain name to Righthaven’s control.”

On the other hand, this might be the first instance of Righthaven actually picking a reasonable target: the defendant named in the latest lawsuit, lasvegasinfonewspaper.com, scrapes content from newspapers in Vegas and sells ads against them. Maybe Righthaven has learned something after all.

Incidentally, this photo is from righthavenlawsuits.com where you can get updates on everything that righthaven is up to at any given moment.