Right-Wing Blogger Picks Spin Over Substance

Despite the fast pace world of today’s journalism, reading before writing should still be a given.

But last night this was a non-issue for The Daily Caller‘s conservative blogger Jim Treacher, whose schtick is excessive sarcasm and general bitchiness when it comes to talking about liberals like POTUS. He calls out hypocrisy and logical fallacies of the left when he sees it and sometimes, it’s even funny. But last night Treacher shared an ABC News story with a tweet so misleading that the only possible reason for it was that he didn’t actually read the story. We get him. He hates President Obama and doesn’t want him reelected. But hey, we’re still under the weird assumption that facts matter…

The story Treacher linked to referred to a pre-taped interview with Obama by a local Cincinnati, Ohio, radio station. In the interview, which was recorded Saturday but wasn’t played until Monday as Hurricane Sandy made its way on land, Obama reveals what’s on his iPod.

Understandably, hearing the president talk about his iPod on the radio while everyone is preparing for a massive hurricane is discomforting. This is why the story was headlined “Perils of Pre-Tapes: President Obama Talks iPod on Radio as Hurricane Hits.”

Here’s how Treacher tweeted the link: “President Obama Talks iPod on Radio as Hurricane Hits.”

We alerted him that the interview was not live. But rather than admitting to and correcting the error, Treacher accused us of making “excuses” for Obama and said his “point” was that “it’s stupid for Obama to do this crap.” He also accused us of attacking him because we’re in the tank for Obama. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings by criticizing Obama,” he cooed sarcastically. “Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?”

Partisan Treacher’s own excuse would fly if it weren’t for the fact that he specifically referenced the hurricane and manipulated the headline to exclude essential information. From there, what should have been a teachable moment devolved into “You Mad” idiocy and a refusal by Treacher to accept responsibility for his own stupid moment.

With that, we leave Treacher — who couldn’t make his way out of a right-wing box even if he were being chased inside by a left-wing State Dept. vehicle — with this tip from the marketing blog Constant Contact: “Tweeting without the facts. This is the number one way to hurt your credibility and tick your followers off. Be a helpful source of information in your industry, not a rumor mill.” The post has 24 other “things that make you look dumb on Twitter” and it goes highly recommended for Treacher.