Right Hearts Howie

So CJR Daily has carefully sifted through the blogosphere and discovered that not everyone in the world hates Brit Hume. In fact, it seems that Howard Kurtz‘s profile of the Fox News anchor this week brought Hume’s supporters out of the woodwork. But more so, the profile has the right calling Kurtz a gift from Their One True God:

Michelle Malkin pays the profile the (back-handed?) compliment of saying it was “very fair [and] very thorough.” Over at Powerline, John Hinderaker wrote, “It is typical of Howard’s sense of fairness that he can write a sympathetic profile of Hume, even though Howard himself is a liberal.”

“An eminently fair profile,” wrote blogger Mick Stockinger, who said he “learned a lot I didn’t know.”

So what know Howie? How are you going to restore your balance of being hated by everyone on the web? Maybe it’s time for that takedown of Andrew Sullivan you’ve been saving since 1996. Or maybe it’s simpler to write about how Dan Rather is the greatest journalist since William Randolph Hearst.